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Ambu® aScope is a unique flexible intubation scope for viewing endotracheal intubation via the oral or nasal route. The product is sterile and for single patient use. It uses new camera technology, has a lightweight ergonomic handle, and virtually eliminates any risk of cross infection and makes repairs and cleaning completely unnecessary. A reusable screen – Ambu® aScope Monitor – is used for displaying the video signal from the Ambu® aScope.

No risk of cross contamination. A built-in timer limits the use of Ambu® aScope to help make sure that it is not used for intubations on more than one patient. No cleaning and repair is required.


Figure 1: aScope hand piece


Figure 2: aScope monitor

Ambu® PENTAX Airway Scope (AWS) Videolaryngoscope

The PENTAX-AWS is fast, accurate and portable, and incorporates advanced imaging technology. With a 2.4” high-resolution colour LCD video monitor, identification of anatomical structures can be easily obtained. When combined with the unique targeting system, fast and accurate placement of the endotracheal (ET) tube is achieved during tracheal intubation.


Figure 1: Ambu® PENTAX Airway Scope (AWS) Videolaryngoscope with PBlade

The PENTAX-AWS comes with a specialised single patient use PBlade. The PBlade is compatible with a wide range of ET tube sizes. By placing the PENTAX-AWS under the epiglottis and raising it lightly, it is possible to insert an ET tube into the trachea.

  1. There is no need to extend the patient’s neck or apply excessive force. The PENTAX-AWS enables even less experienced users to perform fast and accurate tracheal intubation.
  2. Safe, fast and accurate placement is easily obtained by aligning the target symbol (displayed on the monitor) over the glottic opening.
  3. Multi-positional monitor (0 to 120°) permits viewing from various positions to facilitate all methods of intubation.
  4. continuous operation for 1 hour.
  5. It has a low-battery alert feature that displays a warning on the monitor screen when the batteries are running low.
  6. Water-resistant, durable construction makes the PENTAX-AWS ideal for outdoor environments in inclement weather.
  7. Video output is compatible with external monitors and recording devices.

 Main Benefits of PENTAX PBlade

  1. The ET tube guide directs the ET tube into the glottic opening and eliminates the need for a stylet.
  2. PBlade incorporates sterile, single patient use design that minimizes the risk of infection and provides faster equipment turnaround time.
  3. Allows for preloading of the ET tube prior to the procedure. If it is preferred not to preload, the groove on the blade can be used to guide the ET tube into the glottic opening after the PBlade is in place and the glottic opening is in view.

A suction catheter may be inserted through the PBlade to permit aspiration of secretions and/or a foreign body under direct vision.


Demand-compatible resuscitator – COMBIBAG resuscitator

The proven COMBIBAG resuscitator from Weinmann can now be used with a demand valve. Patients can now receive 100% oxygen via the resuscitator. Tried-and-tested over the years, the COMBIBAG features practical recessed grips for use in paediatrics. The smaller volumes are appropriate for the ventilation of small children.Use of the same resuscitator for adults and children saves space in the emergency case or backpack.

Supplied by Weinmann Geräte Für Medizin GmbH & Co.KG


Double jet outlet ventilator system

Equipped with all features needed for jet ventilation in every possible clinical setting, the new MONSOON 3 jet ventilator from Acutronic is the most advanced apparatus of its kind. The double jet outlet enables the application of superimposed jet ventilation with separate high and low frequency gas outlets. Another striking feature is the high performance jet gas conditioning system, which automatically warms and humidifies the entire delivered jet gas — this was a much appreciated feature of the preceding model in the MONSOON series, but is now even more impressive, thanks to a completely redesigned conditioning unit. Likewise, the cumbersome distilled water tubing system in earlier models is no longer necessary. All that is needed now is to connect the infusion system to the luer-lock water inlet and to put a drop counting sensor in place. This enables continuous jet ventilation of any duration, from minutes to weeks, without any risk of mucosal damage due to dry and cold gases or over-hydration by an uncontrolled water supply. Many default and customisable settings facilitate the use of the system in various operating room environments as well as in intensive therapy. A large bright colour display unit can be rotated in all directions and even placed distant from the main instrument. The system is controlled via a comprehensive software menu with a logical architecture, which allows very easy and intuitive operation.
Supplied by Acutronic Medical Systems