Trends and Technology

Trends & Technology

AgingSpine app

Compatible with iPhone (3GS and later), iPad, iPod Touch (3rd generation and later), this app is among a family of orthopedic patient education apps produced by ORCA MD and is very similar to SpineDecide


Robot Guided Needles

iSYS Medizintechnik of Kitzbühel, Austria launched its new iSYS-1 needle positioning system that allows for precision placement while keeping the operator safely away from the X-ray source. The intended use of the iSYS1 device is to function as a remote-operated positioning and guidance system during interventional procedures. Positioning is done in remote control manner; planning of the position/angulation is done based on 2D/3D patient data (CT, cone-beam CT, fluoroscopy) by external planning software



Combined Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound

OEC Elite+Venue 40. combines a fluoroscope and ultrasound into one unit for greater convenience, a smaller footprint, and financial savings compared to using separate devices. This new system combines the power, precision and performance of the OEC 9900 Elite C-arm with the simple-to-use GE Venue 40 tablet ultrasound to help see more during surgical procedures.


Terumo’s New Pinnacle Precision Access System


Terumo Medical‘s Interventional Systems unit has released its new Pinnacle Precision vascular access system that features a tapered needle for easier delivery and a new mechanism that eliminates traditional steps involved in enlarging the entry site. Instead of using a micropuncture kit and then a large introducer sheath, the Pinnacle Precision features TIF (Total Integrated Fit) technology along with the 21 gauge needle to provide reliable access.


EarlySense received FDA clearance for its bedside system and central display system with oximetry integration. EarlySense’s systems are based on a contact-free sensor placed under the mattress which can monitor respiration rate, heart rate and patient movement, and now the probably wired pulse oximeter can provide additional critical data. A sensing plate with an integrated piezo-electric sensor is easily placed under the mattress so the patient remains comfortable and enjoys complete freedom of movement. There are no leads or cuffs.



CorrectInject Safety System

Portex CorrectInject Safety System, an injection set for spinal and epidural drugs that uses unique connectors to help prevent the wrong medication getting to the needle. Misconnections, such as between intrathecal and intravenous lines due to the same Luer locks, are common enough that according to Smiths, the UK’s National Health Service has mandated that as of “April 1, 2013 all epidural, spinal (intrathecal) and regional anaesthesia infusions and boluses are to be performed with devices that use safer connectors that will not connect with intravenous Luer connectors or intravenous infusion spikes.”


Propofol Blood Measurement System

Sphere Medical of Cambridge, UK has received the European CE Mark for its Pelorus 1500 point-of-care system for measuring anesthetic propofol in blood samples.

Programmable Spinal Infusion System

MEDSTREAM Programmable Spinal Infusion System, by Codman, is a drug pump that delivers baclofen to the spinal canal in a very controlled manner to treat chronic spasticity in patients suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and those post stroke suffering from excessive muscle contractions. The implant has a ceramic pump system that doesn’t have any gears, motors, or rotating components, so it is not prone to wear and tear. The pump is also MRI compatible, a big benefit for patients that may need regular scanning during the progress of their condition. The pump’s battery will run the MEDSTREAM for eight years all while staying within 10% of the recommended delivery dose.



Focused Cold Therapy

Myoscience will soon be introducing its pen-like cooling device in the US having just been cleared by the FDA for targeted pain reduction. This Focused Cold Therapy technology is meant to induce a kind-of hibernation of nerves, blocking their signaling ability and therefore reducing pain. The device was approved in Europe and Canada for temporary wrinkle reduction,


MAID, Magnetic Assisted Intubation Device


The third place $1000 prize winner of last month’s BMEIdea competition was a team from Georgia Tech’s Magnetic Assisted Intubation Device (MAID) utilizes a magnet held over the trachea to guide the endotracheal tube during intubation. The device aims to make intubation safer (less broken teeth/busted lips from the laryngoscope), cheaper, and simpler.