Perinatal asphyxia

Professor Naeem Khan
HoD, Pediatric Surgery, KRL General Hospital, Islamabad
Baby was delivered via spontaneous vaginal delivery after 35 weeks gestation in a peripheral hospital. Apgar score 1 was zero. Resuscitation done for 10 min successfully, was intubated and ventilated. Chest x-ray and CT scan chest showed Rt lung collapse. Chest showed severe retraction, and the neonate developed pectum excavatum over 10 days. There was a suspicion of pulmonary agenesis and pulmonary angiography was suggested. In our hospital deep suction of the tracheobronchial tree was done, and a large meconium plug was removed. The right lung inflated successfully and condition of the baby improved.


Figure 1: Gross pectum excavatum


Figure 2: Collapsed Rt lung


Figure 3: CT scan chest showing collapsed lung


Figure 4: Pectum excavatum improved after inflation of the lung


Figure 5: Pectum excavatum improved after inflation of the lung


Figure 6: Incomplete inflation of the right lung