Multi Cannula Resuscitation MaskCurrent Clinipics-September 2017

Perfectly suited to perform the CPR maneuver, the Multi Cannula © mask can be used with or without the cannulas (exchanging the size according to the need 0, 2, 4 or 6). It also has a nasal connector that allows ventilation in case of obstruction in the oral route. First, the tube is inserted through the patient’s mouth, with its end toward the palate. Then, turning 180º, the tongue is held. In this way, it clears the airway and keeps it open. The ventilation begins. The valves open only when the resuscitator blows. When the victim exhales, the inlet valves close, allowing the outlet to open (always toward the outside of the tube and mouth). In addition, an internal antimicrobial filter avoids the passage of micro drops of saliva, protecting from infections in both directions. Can be used for mouth-to-airway or bag to airway breathing.

Together with the defibrillator, it ensures that the survival chain is developed in optimum conditions. The mask for the victim has an entrance for oxygen line.


Figure 1: Cannulas of sizes 0, 2, 4 or 6 can be fitted inside 22 mm ID connector in the mask



Figure 2: Mouth to airway breathing without the risk of cross infections