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14th Asian Australasian Congress of Anaesthesiologists
21–25 February, 2014 – Auckland, New Zealand

In 1970, an Anaesthesiologist from Pakistan had attended the 3rd Asian Australasian Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Canberra. He was very impressed by the Australasian Society of Anaesthesiologists and came back with a burning desire of making a national society. A year later he succeeded in laying the foundation of Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists (PSA) in 1971. He was Dr. Habib ul Haq Siddiqui, the founder of our National Society.

I had the honor to represent PSA in 14th Asian Australasian Congress of Anaesthesiologists, held in Auckland, New Zealand on February 21 – 25, 2014 on WFSA-Baxter scholarship. The mega event started with opening ceremony and welcome reception on Friday 21st February, 2014 at the SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland New Zealand. The Opening ceremony was so exciting in many ways but the most important thing which I came to know about is, Maoris. If I did not attend the AACA 2014 then I would never have known the rich and diverse culture of Maori people of New Zealand.

The scientific programme was spread over five days from 21st to 25th of February, which included workshops, breakfast sessions, plenary sessions, symposia, talks, panel discussions and poster sessions, covering full spectrum of anaesthesiology.

The most important items included a talk by Dr. Shafer from USA on plagiarism. Dr Hwang from Singapore opened new doors of definitions and predictors of heparin resistance. Lurking threats of malignant hyperthermia by Dr. Robyn Gillies of Australia and the development of undergraduate pain medicine education was highlighted by Dr. Linda Huggins from New Zealand.

The WFSA/Baxter and AARS Scholarship function was organized at the Deck, SkyCity Convention Centre on Saturday, 22nd February, 2014. The colorful Gala dinner was held on Sunday 23rd February at the Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland where we saw and heard beautiful folk dances and lovely songs.  The result of the bidding competition for the 2022 AACA was announced by Dr. Rob McDougall and the Korean Society of Anaesthesiologists won the competition.

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